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Project Apex is the ultimate solution for all your needs. A renowned neurobiologist, on a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, highlighted the potential of Fadogia Agrestis and Tonkat Ali as powerful ingredients that can boost T levels, improve muscle mass, and enhance performance. We have incorporated these two ingredients and a blend of other top-quality components in Project Apex to help you reach your optimal potential.

The natural and balanced formulation of Project APEX ensures that you receive consistent, safe, and effective support for your hormonal health, performance, and overall well-being. Unlike synthetic supplements, the ingredients in Project APEX are designed to work with your body’s natural rhythms, making cycling on and off unnecessary. Enjoy the continuous benefits of Project APEX and maintain peak performance and health every day.



  • Fadogia Agrestis is derived from a Nigerian shrub and can naturally stimulate your body's natural T production and other hormones that impact strength, muscle mass, drive and confidence.*
  • LJ100® is the only Tongkat Ali ingredient that has the following clinically-proven benefits:

    • Enhances sexual function and increases libido
    • Maintains normal high-free testosterone levels
    • Inhibits sex hormone binding globulin
    • Reduces cortisol, the stress hormone
    • Improves various mood profiles
    • Prevents dieters from binge eating to achieve successful weight loss
    • Promotes anabolic state and reduces catabolic state
    • Reduces fatigue and tension
    • Improves endurance and stamina for athletes of all ages
    • Natural alternatives to testosterone replacement therapy
    • Promotes overall wellbeing and hormonal health


    • PrimaVie is a clinically studied, premium standardized shilajit that helps support testosterone levels in the healthy range. PrimaVie standardized shilajit extract is manufactured using state of the art chemical-free aqueous processing technology, to ensure you are getting consistent quality. In addition, PrimaVie® undergoes a proprietary purification process and is self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). It contains over 40 different minerals, and comes from high-altitudes in the Himalayan mountains. Shilajit is an important tool of the ayurvedic and has been used for over 3,000 years as an adaptogen in a variety of situations.*

    • Preliminary research suggests that 3,3'-Diindolymethane, or DIM, can help maintain estrogen levels within the normal healthy range, which in turn could help maintain testosterone levels within the normal healthy range.* It’s a powerful phytochemical derived from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. The Ferodrox formula contains 120mg of an ultrapure, bioavailable form of benzene-free DIM.*

  • Zinc Glycinate Albion® TRAACS®

    • Zinc is an important mineral that plays a vital role in testosterone production. Deficiencies in zinc (which are quite common, especially in hard-training athletes) have been associated with low testosterone levels as well as reduced levels of luteinizing hormone (LH). Zinc supplementation is known to improve zinc status in the body, and, therefore, may support a more favorable hormonal environment. *
    • It’s not what you take, it’s what you absorb. Project APEX contains 10mg of BioPerine®, a purified extract of black pepper that works to help enhance absorption of our other ingredients.* BioPerine® is the only piperine supplement with rigorous clinical evaluation to establish its safety and efficacy.*
  • AstraGin® supports increased absorption of a wide range of nutrients and promotes healthy gut lining and tight junction functioning, ultimately leading to associated effects like reduced inflammation in the intestinal lining.*
  • Vitamin D3 Vitamin D3 is an essential fat-soluble vitamin that plays an essential role in countless metabolic functions, including bone health, immune system function, blood pressure health, weight management, and hormone production. Low vitamin d levels are associated with low testosterone. Research indicates that Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) supplementation may support testosterone. *

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        Directions For We Go Home Project APEX pills: Take 2 capsules of Project APEX with or without food to support Healthy T Levels and Muscle Gains.

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