Be a Hybrid athlete

Be a Hybrid athlete

Due to the uncertainty of your profession, a tactical athlete has a need to be a "Hybrid Athlete"- being "Good" at several qualities is more beneficial than being "Great" in one or two.

Overall, conditioning is not your job as a tactical athlete. Your job is your job, requiring specific and highly demanding physical and cognitive demands. To optimally prepare for the uncertainty of the battlefield, patrol, SWAT incidents, and fighting fires. The focus must be placed on the foundation of movement.

This means that training should focus on mobility and postural strength, i.e., enhancing abilities to change directions, run, jump, and sprint, all under load. Your 10:30min 2mile or 550lb deadlift, while exceeding the norm and impressive, cannot come at the expense of being specialized versus well-rounded.

Hybrid athletes must be the best and most efficient movers possible to meet these demands of high physical preparedness.

Some things to consider

-Structural integrity
-Load carriage
-Lifting objects from the ground
-Sprinting/Change of direction

A hybrid athlete must be good in all areas listed, not just great at a couple. Your life and those to your left and right depend on it.

-Motor Control
-Muscular endurance
-Maximum strength
-Aerobic Capacity
-Anaerobic capacity

Be honest with yourself, look in the mirror, and identify your weak areas, then tackle them and make them your strength.

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